LCR Bridge 6451-2 with Limits Comparator

  • 0.1% measurement accuracy
  • Test frequencies up to 10kHz
  • Automatic component recognition
  • Built-in 4 terminal component fixture
  • Dual 5 digit high brightness displays
  • Limits comparator, multiple pass and fail bins
  • RS-232 interface for PC connectivity
  • Optional SMD tweezers, Kelvin Clip leads, Windows logging software

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6451-2 low-cost precision LCR bridge

Bridging the price-performance gap

Anyone who has tried to purchase a high accuracy meter for LCR measurement at a reasonable cost will have discovered the problem.

There are plenty of low cost hand-held LCR meters available, but the accuracy is poor and the facilities very limited. There are plenty of high performance LCR bridges available, but the costs are typically an order of magnitude greater than the simple hand-held units.

The 6451-2 bridges the gap. It provides the performance and facilities required for precision component measurement at a price not far above that of a hand-held unit.

The 6451-2 is a low-cost precision LCR bridge intended for use within component inspection, laboratories and produc-tion facilities. The basic measurement accuracy is 0.1% and the maximum measurement frequency is 10kHz.

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