3218C and 3218D One Metre Clamp Unit

Designed for the resistance measurement of wire, cable or strip metal

The Type 3218C is designed for the resistance measurement of wire, cable, or strip metal using a low resistance measuring device (milli or micro-ohmeter such as the Tinsley 5894), which use a four wire kelvin type measuring system.

The unit consists of a base onto which insulated clamping units are mounted. There are two types of clamping units, a flat type located at the ends of the base for the application of the test current (C1 and C2) and knife clamps mounted on the inside used for the sense signals (P1 and P2) to allow the resistance to be calculated. The distance between the knife clamps is 1 metre.

The unit is designed to accommodate material up to 25 x 25mm or 25mm diameter. (Modified version available to take 40mm diameter)

Size: 1260 x 102 x 93mm Weight: 4.35 Kgs

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