P1000E Earth Probe

The P1000E Earth Probe can be used for grounding conductors after power has been removed to ensure the conductor is fully discharged. This is particularly relevant for subsea cables where after the operating voltage has been removed, voltages can reappear due to the capacitance within the cable.

For safety it is recommended that safety glasses as a minimum should be worn when using the earth probe - should a high charge still be present a flash may occur which could produce projectiles of molten metal fragments.

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The probe features a sprung loaded contact (13mm opening) for connecting to cables/studs by pulling the handle upwards towards the top. The end of the probe also has a point contact for more targeted earthing (note: remove plastic transport sleeve before use). Each probe is supplied with 2.5 metres of 6mm² clear silicone insulated wire with a working voltage of 1500 volts (tested at 8000V) and 54 amps.

rior to use the 6mm eye should be connected securely to a known earth and continuity checked from the tip of the probe to the site side of the connection to ensure a conductive path is present - do not proceed to use the probe unless this has been confirmed. Periodically check the condition of the cable and continuity of the unit to ensure it is safe to use. If dirty clean the surface with a mild detergent solution and allow to dry fully before use. Do not use solvents.

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