Tinsley 5941-3 Cable Termination Unit (LAN)

Now with Remote monitoring & configuration via Wired LAN connection (5941-3 version)

The Tinsley 5941-3 CTU is the ideal termination unit for non-repeatered submarine cables. It offers a simple method of selecting an open or short circuit condition and a safe means of discharging the cable.

The Tinsley 5941-3 unit is designed to enable the Test Engineer tosafely and simply connect other Tinsley test instruments to the systemfor fault location and electroding.

The Tinsley 5941-3 CTU also incorporates a Cable Condition Monitor. Any changes in the Submarine Cable electrical characteristics are automaticallydetected and an alarm is triggered. An output from the alarm is also available for connection to outside devices.

The unit can be connected to the cable via a dedicated cable connected to the fibre optic cable metallic conductor.

Alternatively, the fibre optic cable can be routed into the CTU with a direct path through the unit for the optical fibres. Options that can be set at the time of installation enable the unit to be used with a wide range of cable lengths and types.

  • Suitable for non-repeatered cables
  • Continuous cable monitoring
  • Audible warning of change in cable electrical characteristics
  • Provision for external alarm
  • Allows easy access for connection of test instruments
  • Rugged construction
  • Safety interlock

Remote monitoring and configuration via Wired LAN connection (5941-3 version)

Internal Webserver
Line current and logged alarms updated every second
Alarm log timestamps via SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol)
Display and configuration of alarm parameters
Force alarm condition to aid test and commission
Manual or DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) address configuration

SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) agent
Supports GET, SET, and TRAP
Community name authentication
TRAPS may be sent to 2 different Network Management Servers
Display and configuration of alarm parameters
Force alarm condition to aid test and commission

See the table below for a run-down of this product's specifications.

Input Supply Voltage

36V to 60V DC

Maximum Supply Current


Open Circuit Output Voltage (Input 48V)


Output Voltage Stability (max. load & supply variation)

± 1V

Short Circuit Current - Normal Drive

213 ± 13 mA

Short Circuit Current - Hard Drive

297 ± 35 mA

Alarm Level Range

-333 mA to + 333 mA

Alarm Level Stability (with load, supply and temperature variation)

± 2.5%

Alarm Contacts Rating

100V 0.5A DC

Maximum Allowable Cable Power

600V Peak Voltage
4A Current

4A Current

Optional chart recorde

Operating Temperature Range

0ºC to 40ºC

Surge Arrestor Rating

Max. Surge Current


DC Spark Over Voltage


Impulse Spark Over Voltage

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